NHL 08 System Requirements

NHL 08 also includes "Goalie Mode", where users can control their goalie with a new 3rd person camera. Another new feature is the ability to create custom plays, where you can take a team into practice mode and work on creating a custom play. New communication occurs through the controller rumble feature allowing users to communicate with a teammate in multiplayer games. Users can call for the puck by tapping the ice with their stick just like the pros. With the NHL going to the Rbk Edge jerseys with new color patterns and even new logos for some teams, for the 2007/08 NHL season, EA Sports has reported that all 30 teams' new jerseys will be in the game. A code to unlock the new Rbk Edge jerseys was posted on the Rbk Hockey website. This code can be entered in the "Rbk Edge" tab under the "My NHL 08" menu. It was released before all the jerseys were released and then taken off the Reebok site leading some[who?] to believe that Reebok intentionally leaked the code to give everyone a look.
How well optimised is NHL 08 for PC? 10
Where does NHL 08 rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Sport
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NHL 08 System Requirements

HDD Space

NHL 08 PC Release Date:

12 Sep 2007

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