NHL 07 System Requirements

The game features a newly designed control setup in some versions, eliminating the need to use the face buttons. The new Skill Stick Revolution feature produces different types of shots and dekes. This was a major selling point of the game and one of the biggest redesigns of the series. Unlike previous entries, NHL 07 allowed the player to use the analog stick to stickhandle and deke by moving the stick side to side. Special movements of the stick can make the player do a creative deke. The use of the stick and triggers on the console versions eliminated the need to use the face buttons; however a classic setup can be used so that the player can still use the face buttons and skill stick at the same time if so preferred. The convenience of this allows the player to play the classic controls before becoming comfortable using the skill stick.
How well optimised is NHL 07 for PC? 10
Where does NHL 07 rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Sport
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NHL 07 System Requirements

HDD Space

NHL 07 PC Release Date:

12 Sep 2006

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