NHL 2004 System Requirements

NHL 2004, developed by the EA Black Box studios, is the successor to NHL 2003, is widely considered to be a major turning point in the series.[who?] The game adds 3 European Elite Leagues - Germany's Deutsche Eishockey Liga, Sweden's Elitserien and Finland's SM-liiga. (This is not the first time that European teams are included in an EA game; EA released both Elitserien 95 and Elitserien 96 for the Mega Drive in Sweden only and Elitserien and SM-liiga 2001 as an expansion pack for PC in Sweden and Finland which included those teams). The ratings of the teams in the Elitserien and SM-liiga were comparable to the NHL rosters, however future installments had the league teams inferior to the NHL.
How well optimised is NHL 2004 for PC? 10
Where does NHL 2004 rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Sport
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NHL 2004 System Requirements

HDD Space

NHL 2004 PC Release Date:

22 Sep 2003

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