Madden NFL 96 System Requirements

Among the innovations in Madden 96, the Create A Player feature was added, which included many position specific mini-games that would determine the ability of the player.rnrnThe game also was the first in the Madden series to include secret "classic" teams, which were unlocked by playing any of the 28 pre-expansion NFL franchises in the playoffs and by winning Super Bowl XXX with that team (a rather easy feat as the playoff tournament system allows a player to abort the game while in the lead and still win). The 28 pre-expansion teams were each represented by a classic era equivalent, which ranged from 1960 (Philadelphia Eagles) to 1986 (New York Giants), although all players identified as number-only. Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers, having debuted in 1995, did not have a secret classic team revealed in this manner, nor did the All-Madden team.
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Madden NFL 96 System Requirements

HDD Space

Madden NFL 96 PC Release Date:

30 Nov 1995

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