Dungeon Siege System Requirements

The player participates in a quest to save the kingdom of Ehb, located in the world of Aranna, from the forces of evil, following the main character from the humble beginnings as a farmer to the ultimate destiny as a powerful hero or heroine. As the game progresses, the main character may be joined by other adventurers, whom the player also controls. The background is based in a fantasy medieval world with geographic variety in open and closed environments (dungeons). The graphics are mildly detailed with environment changes.rnrnThe gameplay is a mixture of pause-and-go tactical management and point-and-click action. The mechanic is highly similar to that of later Ultima games (so much so that fans have recreated certain Ultima titles using the Dungeon Siege engine), and to a lesser degree, early action role-playing games like Diablo and Nox. The Dungeon Siege quest is highly linear and involves constant hack and slash battle, similar in some ways to platform and beat 'em up games.
How well optimised is Dungeon Siege for PC? 10
Where does Dungeon Siege rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: RPG
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Dungeon Siege System Requirements

HDD Space

Dungeon Siege PC Release Date:

5 Apr 2002

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