Gunshine System Requirements

Dawnbreak City is a dangerous place to be when you are part of the resistance. How long you survive is up to you and whether or not you can take down those who would destroy you... Advert Gunshine is a free-to-play browser MMORPG that puts you into a city full of oppression and despair. You must rise up against your oppressors and fight back to regain your independence. The game requires no plug-ins and can be played directly in your browser while still maintaining rich, 3D environments and dynamic gameplay. There are three different classes to choose from when creating a character in Gunshine. You can become a tank, healer or damage dealer depending on your play-style preferences. Each class has its own unique abilities that allow you to create a completely custom character and master their skills. As you venture through the world of Gunshine with you character and explore Dawnbreak City, you will come across many different enemies. Attacking them can be very dangers as some of these wandering thugs just might be elite. That means, they have more health and deal more damage – So watch out! However, defeating them can also have its rewards. There are numerous armor and weapon choices available to you in Gunshine. Whether they drop off of an enemy that you just recently killed or you buy them with the cash that you have from vendors, there are endless combinations of gear. Gunshine features gameplay geared towards player interaction and playing together. You can group up with other players to go to more challenging areas that hide powerful enemies and bosses. There is also a PvP arena known as "The Pit" where you can take on other players head to head and prove that you are the best. Create a custom character and take them to the next level in the free-to-play MMORPG, Gunshine. Explore the darkest alleys in Dawnbreak City with your friends and take down powerful bosses. Think you have what it takes to reclaim your independence and survive in this harsh world?
How well optimised is Gunshine for PC? 10
Where does Gunshine rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Online , RPG , Action
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Gunshine System Requirements

HDD Space

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