Lands of Lore III System Requirements

It takes place some time after Guardians Of Destiny, and is based on the adventures of Copper LeGre', the son of Eric and fourth in the line of succession, whose uncle Richard rules the Lands. In the beginning of the game, Copper's father and two half brothers are slain by a dreadful rift hound, and Copper's own soul is torn from his body. As a result, Copper must not only retrieve his soul, but also settle the allegations now leveled against him as he was the only survivor. As the new sole heir to the Kingdom of Gladstone, many believe he orchestrated the whole incident with his father and brothers. Coupled with that is the fact that he is the result of an illicit affair between his father and a Dracoid barmaid - a halfbreed heir. He must not only deal with those issues but also seek out answers to help close new rifts that have appeared throughout the Lands.
How well optimised is Lands of Lore III for PC? 10
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Genres: RPG
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Lands of Lore III System Requirements

HDD Space

Lands of Lore III PC Release Date:

26 Jun 1999

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