Panzer Tactics HD System Requirements

In 1939, German troops attack Poland and plunge Europe into the Second World War. Experience intense battles in three extensive campaigns. More than 150 units and countless tactical options offer hours of fun. Relive the offensive of the German troops, the Soviet counter-attack and the liberation of Europe by the Allied Forces across three campaigns.Prove yourself against your opponents in more than 30 missions and additional scenarios. Varying terrain, weather and the morale of your troops turn each battle into a challenge. This ensures that no two matches are alike. The enemy will mercilessly exploit any tactical errors in order to defeat you!
How well optimised is Panzer Tactics HD for PC? 10
Where does Panzer Tactics HD rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Strategy
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Panzer Tactics HD System Requirements

HDD Space

Panzer Tactics HD PC Release Date:

22 May 2014

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