The Sims: Unleashed System Requirements

The Sims: Unleashed is the fifth expansion pack developed for The Sims. Unleashed introduces pets into the game. While dogs and cats are treated as sims, other pets are treated as objects. However, they cannot be controlled directly like human Sims are. Furthermore, Unleashed introduced gardening, allowing sims to grow and nurture plants that could later be harvested and consumed. In Unleashed, the original ten-lot neighborhood that was featured in all previous games is now expanded to over forty and there is now an option to re-zone lots into residential or commercial. In commercial lots, one can build shops of numerous types and restaurants which sims can visit by calling the Old Town trolley to take them there. The theme of the game is considered to be Cajun or Zydeco. One could compare it to New Orleans' French Quarter with voodoo shops and jazz musicians appearing on commercial lots.
How well optimised is The Sims: Unleashed for PC? 10
Where does The Sims: Unleashed rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Sandbox
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The Sims: Unleashed System Requirements

HDD Space
1.5 GB

The Sims: Unleashed PC Release Date:

7 Nov 2002

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