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Console System Analysis for Splatoon
Splatoon is a team-based third-person shooter which is playable by up to eight players in 4-vs-4 matches. Players in game are in two teams, Good Guys and Bad Guys. Players also control characters known as Inklings, who have the ability to change between human and squid forms. In human form, Inklings are able to shoot colored ink across the game environment, with the player's goal being to have the most territory inked in their team's color before the match ends. Transforming into a squid allows players to swim through ink of their own color, even up walls, replenishing their ink supply in the process. Conversely, enemy ink is much slower to move across in human form. Players can use their ink to try and 'splatter' their opponents, which will send them back to their team's respawn point. Respawned players can instantly launch towards the location of another teammate. Various weapons can be obtained, such as a paint roller, a bazooka, and a sniper rifle. The game takes place in a city li

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