Lost Empire: Immortals System Requirements

The game is set in the year 4620. There are seven major civilizations in space, humankind is one of them. The story is that an attack led by an unknown evil alien race has almost destroyed the seven civilizations, and they are therefore now trying to expand furthest in order to ensure their continued survival. However, a powerful character with devious motives known as Enais is interfering with the seven civilizations and their expansion plans.You play the leader of one of the seven civilizations and must bring this civilization to victory by dominating the galaxy. It is possible to achieve victory through military domination, diplomacy, research, culture, or by killing the character Enais.
How well optimised is Lost Empire: Immortals for PC? 10
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Genres: Strategy
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If the game is less than 3 years old and you know what the system requirements are then please send them through to Felix and we will get them updated. Where possible, also send a link to the source of the system requirements to help us validate the information.

Lost Empire: Immortals System Requirements

HDD Space

Lost Empire: Immortals PC Release Date:

11 Mar 2008

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15:13 Mar-03-2013

A beautiful game! Althought it has some crashes occasionally, if you save every 30 minutes you are safe (saves very fast). Also, you cannot control battles directly-which I saw as a bad thing in the beginning-but you can set the tactics of the ships prior to the battle +watch them in 3d space :D