A City Sleeps System Requirements

A City Sleeps follows Poe, youngest member of The Silk, an ancient clan of dream exorcists that can enter the minds of sleeping hosts to rid their dreams of demons. When the residents of SanLo fall into an endless slumber, only Poe can rescue them from a never-ending nightmare. Equipped with her legendary Koto-sword “Heartstrings”, and flanked by her stable of powerful ghost familiars, she must cleanse their dreams, and uncover the city’s dark secrets.Driven by an unforgettable original soundtrack that builds through player actions and enemy engagement, A City Sleeps infuses classic twin-stick hardcore shoot ‘em up sensibilities with moment-to-moment tactical choices.
How well optimised is A City Sleeps for PC? 10
Where does A City Sleeps rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Action
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A City Sleeps System Requirements

HDD Space

A City Sleeps PC Release Date:

31 Oct 2014

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20:27 Oct-31-2014

This one is enjoyable :D

A City Sleeps gameplay on HD7870