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X2: Wolverine's Revenge is a video game released in 2003 to coincide with the release date of the film X2: X-Men United. Revenge was the first home console title to feature Wolverine in a starring role since 1994; he had appeared two years earlier in X-Men: Wolverine's Rage for Game Boy Color. The player helps Wolverine claw his way past the heavily guarded areas of the Weapon X Facility to piece together fragmented clues to Wolverine's murky past and, more important, to save his life. The game was released as a promotional tie-in to X2 but featured an original story by famed comic book writer Larry Hama, and does not take place in the continuity of the film series, but the Marvel comic verse instead. Wolverine has 48 hours to find an antidote to a deadly Sheva Strain Virus circulating in his bloodstream and the clues point to the Weapon X facility, the Canadian fortress where he had his skeletal structure fused with adamantium. A significant feature has Mark Hamill providing the voice-over for Wolverine while Patrick Stewart reprises his film role as Professor X.
X2: Wolverines Revenge GPU Performance Comparison Graph

X2: Wolverines Revenge GPU Analysis
Comparing X2: Wolverines Revenge PC system requirements to all GPUs shows that X2: Wolverines Revenge is going to need a graphics card that is capable of DX 10 or OpenGL 2.1.

X2: Wolverines Revenge makes use of DX8.00 so a GPU with that capability could benefit from enhanced visuals.

To get the best visual graphical experience on X2: Wolverines Revenge, aim to have a GPU that has at least 0 MB GPU RAM.

Most bottom end graphics cards currently available today, will probably allow you to play X2: Wolverines Revenge

We are advised that 12 year old graphics cards should be able to run X2: Wolverines Revenge , but there could be a few exceptions to this rule.

Note that most games do not officially support laptop graphics cards, but nowadays many laptop graphics solutions are capable of running modern games. Whether desktop graphics cards or laptop, try searching for your graphics card to compare against the X2: Wolverines Revenge graphics card requirements chart below.