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Console System Analysis for Forza Motorsport 4
Like Forza 3, there will be a career mode for players to complete, which sees players racing at multiple locations around the world. This is known as World Tour Mode in Forza 4, previously known as Season Play in Forza 3. However, one new feature that appears in Forza 4 is the game's ability to adapt the difficulty as the player progresses through the career, and collect a trend of data to see how well they perform. This will allow AI drivers to change and upgrade their cars automatically to suit the player's driving abilities. There are several types of races besides standard racing like in Forza 3. Forza 4 will include the original bumper to bumper races, but will also have Drift, Autocross, and multiple-heat races. Unlike in Forza 3 where players had no choice over which car they won at the end of each race, in Forza 4 players will be able to choose from three cars as a prize.

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