Curse: The Eye of Isis System Requirements

Strange things are happening at Great Britain’s museum of natural history in 1890. A gang of ruthless thugs has broken into the establishment, the Eye of Isis Egyptian statue has been stolen, and a mysterious fog has overtaken a number of areas of the museum killing and transforming all it comes into contact with. Playing as museum curator/archeologist Victoria Sutton and her childhood friend Darien Dane, you’ll have to fight the various beings and entities created by this fog. You'll spend considerable time in the museum, take a steam train to the coast and travel the seas in a huge cargo ship before finally entering the pyramid tomb where you must find and destroy the source of this ancient evil.
How well optimised is Curse: The Eye of Isis for PC? 10
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Genres: Adventure
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Curse: The Eye of Isis System Requirements

HDD Space

Curse: The Eye of Isis PC Release Date:

21 Oct 2003

Alternative Game Tags: CurseTheEyeofIsis, Curse The Eye of Isis, Curse: The Eye of Isis requirements

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