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Console System Analysis for Dino Crisis
Dino Crisis is best described as a Panic Horror game, with the focus of the game not on action, but high suspense, and often puzzle based gameplay. There is, of course, times when resorting to using weapons in your only hope of survival, but weapons and ammunition are often hard to come by, however, this can be aided by creating your own forms of darts. The game's storyline is carried out exclusively at night, aiding the eerie and often disturbing feeling of the game. The music also contributes to the sense of isolation in the facility, and there is often no warning as to when a dinosaur may ambush the player. The game integrates a range of puzzle solving into the storyline, with various disks and password keys needed to open doors. Other puzzles involve logistics, such as moving pipes and crates in the right sequence to allow gameplay to proceed. During puzzle solving, there are generally no dinosaurs to harass Regina. Also, whenever a DANGER sequence occurs, the player has to hit all control buttons (excluding the Start, Select, and Analog buttons as well as sticks).

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