Enemy Zero System Requirements

In Enemy Zero, gameplay sequences alternate between interactive FMV and real time exploration, both from a first person perspective. The real time component of Enemy Zero is unique. Enemies are invisible, and location is only possible through the use of sound, with notes of different pitch helping the player find the distance and direction of enemies. Additionally, every gun in the game must be charged up immediately before each shot, and charging a shot for too long will cause the charge to dissipate, after which the charging must start over. Since all available guns have very limited range, this makes timing crucial; beginning to charge the gun too late or too soon will allow the enemy to reach Laura, resulting in an immediate game over.
How well optimised is Enemy Zero for PC? 5
Where does Enemy Zero rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Action
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Enemy Zero System Requirements

HDD Space

Enemy Zero PC Release Date:

28 Nov 1998

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