Ecstatica 2 System Requirements

Ecstatica II is sequel to Ecstatica an action-adventure game for PC that was released by Psygnosis in 1994. The game was released on CD-ROM in 1997 for Windows 95. The game play remains similar to Ecstatica, with improvements to the game's controls and more detailed Ellipsoid graphics. The play area is much larger than the first title and offers free-roaming gameplay involving exploration of the castle. Enemies also respawn after a certain period; however, they are easier to kill than in the original game. The Prince can pick up various swords with different strength and reach. The Prince can also use magic attacks against his foes by either equipping a staff or learning spells from scrolls.
How well optimised is Ecstatica 2 for PC? 10
Where does Ecstatica 2 rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Adventure
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Ecstatica 2 System Requirements

HDD Space

Ecstatica 2 PC Release Date:

31 May 1997

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18:17 Apr-19-2012

This game was so good and fun :) only old gamers should know about it though and the guy playing it at the video does not know the buttons, I had trouble finding them too first :)