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Console System Analysis for Act of War: High Treason
Several important government officials and General Kelly are arrested on conspiracy charges pertaining to the assassinations. Task Force Talon travels to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, in order to meet Colonel Whitemore, leader of the "Red Cell" military group based there. However, once there, they are attacked by U.S. Army forces, and marked as guilty of high treason. Sergeant Major Ray Jefferson and Sergeant Oz Jackson successfully escape the trap, and track Whitemore's C-17 transport carrying a shipment of USAMRIID biological barrels to Cancún, Mexico. There it is discovered that Red Cell is working with the Consortium and that the bio-weapon is X-357, a virus which is deadly against animals, but harmless against humans. TFT hijacks a Consortium Visby class Corvette and escapes Cancún, pursuing a trio of Consortium Typhoon class submarines which are carrying the biological samples.

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