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Wrath Of The Goliaths: Dinosaurs is a hunting game, set in a future where plants have took over the planet and hunters have to go through intense military type training in order to gain access to the hunting grounds.* The game will features many huntable and unlockable dinosaurs, from Apatosaurus to Tyrannosaurus Rex. The hunter has access to military weapons in order to control the population of the dinosaurs. To begin hunting, the player will use their "perma-money", currency you earn with each kill and depending on the size of the animal, you get more or less. This money is then used as credit, it is your spending limit, but you will have the same amount of money next time you go hunting. Each dinosaur costs a certain amount of currency, and you can not hunt if you go over the budget Death surrounds you as you go hunting through various levels throughout the game, from a crocodilian like monster, to a towering beast w
Wrath of The Goliaths: Dinosaurs GPU Performance Comparison Graph

Wrath of The Goliaths: Dinosaurs GPU Analysis
Comparing Wrath of The Goliaths: Dinosaurs PC system requirements to all GPUs shows that Wrath of The Goliaths: Dinosaurs is going to need a graphics card that is capable of DX 9 or OpenGL 3.2.

To get the best visual graphical experience on Wrath of The Goliaths: Dinosaurs, aim to have a GPU that has at least 1.024 GB GPU RAM.

Most bottom end graphics cards currently available today, will probably allow you to play Wrath of The Goliaths: Dinosaurs

We are advised that 10 year old graphics cards should be able to run Wrath of The Goliaths: Dinosaurs , but there could be a few exceptions to this rule.

Note that most games do not officially support laptop graphics cards, but nowadays many laptop graphics solutions are capable of running modern games. Whether desktop graphics cards or laptop, try searching for your graphics card to compare against the Wrath of The Goliaths: Dinosaurs graphics card requirements chart below.