The Way We All Go System Requirements

The Way We All Go is a hybrid horror/romance visual novel in which you play as ‘Atcchan’, a teenage boy shorter than the rest of his peers, who is only ever addressed by his childhood nickname.It’s been two years since he left his hometown; a small, sleepy village with a tiny population. Now, he is finally able to return – but only for three days. How will his old friends react to him, and how will their relationships change…?For a person who’s always been afraid of change, this is a worrying prospect for our hero… but it is something he will have to overcome if he can ever hope to right his past wrongs and regain the trust of his friends. And a failure to do so can result in some rather unpleasant outcomes…
How well optimised is The Way We All Go for PC? 5
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Genres: Adventure
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The Way We All Go System Requirements

HDD Space

The Way We All Go PC Release Date:


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