Hostile Sector System Requirements

Command your troops and fight together and against other players in a persistent world. See your soldiers grow from rookies to hardened veterans. Manage individual soldier's skills, gear and style to make them perform, and stand out on the battlefield. Challenge other players in head to head skirmishes and form companies together for increased fire-power and reputation. Hostile Sector is a squad-level, turn based online combat game, that mixes tactical depth with rpg elements and soldier-level customization options. Taking a lot of inspiration from classic turn based, tactical combat games, as well as table top war games, Hostile Sector aims to take the genre to full 3d and combine it with strategic elements based on conquering of territories and troop management.
How well optimised is Hostile Sector for PC? 10
Where does Hostile Sector rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Strategy , Online , RPG
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Hostile Sector System Requirements

HDD Space

Hostile Sector PC Release Date:

21 Jul 2012

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