Icehockey Club Manager 2005 System Requirements

Manage and coach your favorite ice-hockey team! Decide on a strategy to use against the next opponent and choose wisely, because even the best team may lose if their tactics aren’t up to par. However, it's not all about tactics and strategy: Financial motivation for your team members is another key to victory. Select training camps to improve your valuable players' health and fitness. Watch them perform live - via the awesome in-stadium 3D view, calculated in real time! Official licenses provide the realism you demand, the smart interface delivers the comfort you want. Celebrate your victories, improve your team's home stadium, negotiate contracts and convince the best sponsors. It's YOUR turn now!
How well optimised is Icehockey Club Manager 2005 for PC? 10
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Genres: Strategy
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Icehockey Club Manager 2005 System Requirements

HDD Space

Icehockey Club Manager 2005 PC Release Date:

4 Sep 2004

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