My Worst Day WW2 System Requirements


Recommended Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.6GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1900+
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 4350 or NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • HDD: 1 GB
  • DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card
In this World War 2 FSP game (WW2 game) you get a very realistic atmosphere and gameplay. Developed by one single man, me, making a game I wanted to play myself. It changes every time it is played, making it one of the few WW2 games that can be replayed, again and again. Extremely much time was used to make a very large, cold Norwegian winter landscape, to put you into a state where you really feel you are there, sneaking behind enemies lines, hunted by hundred of soldiers. Add to that the new hard sniper mode, and you have a WW2 game you can enjoy for a long time.
FPS System Benchmark
200+ FPS
Graphics Card
How well optimised is My Worst Day WW2 for PC? 10
Where does My Worst Day WW2 rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Shooter
Can I run My Worst Day WW2
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My Worst Day WW2 System Requirements

Graphics Card
1 GB
HDD Space
1 GB

My Worst Day WW2 PC Release Date:

24 Feb 2006

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14:57 Aug-26-2011

This game is very tactical and you have over 200 enemies to get rid of, plus two massive cannon to blow up, also an airbase HQ. There are also many other bases with enemies to get rid of. Then you can escape the island with a small boat at least you would tend to think you can escape when all of a sudden a battleship appears around a corner and blows you to pieces.

You can also play this game in arcade mode where you have only three lives and thats it for you. The other play mode is standard where you have to find a bottle of finest cognac brandy to recharge your life. Each bottle can give you up to 25% health.