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Console System Analysis for Robots
This game features Rodney Copperbottom as the playable main character. You can also play as the Wonderbot and Bigweld in the chase scene. Rodney can invent different devices by collecting a certain amount of blueprints scattered throughout the environment. It also features specials including for one example, wrenches from Bigweld and some challenges.In the first world, it starts in Rivet Town, some of them are in its city hall accessed after collecting all blueprints in the alley and the diner. Rodney later enters the train station with a ticket worth 10 gold scrap for its next level which he laters journeys for Robot City where he headed for the train station, after collecting all 16 pieces, he heads for the train station and with a ticket worth 10 gold scrap advanced him into the races and another city, in the same world, six blueprints are needed to rebuild the clock tower. Rodney later enters Bigweld and its skyscraper. Other worlds features an industrial city, the sewers, Bigweld's mansion, its escape and a tower where after collecting 10 gold scrap, the boss opens the door to the final battle.

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Graphics Card
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