Anarchy Online System Requirements


Recommended Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon MP
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Xpress 1200 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE
  • RAM: 0MB
  • HDD: 2 GB
  • DirectX 8 Compatible Graphics Card
Anarchy Online is a sci-fi MMORPG released in 2001. It was the first game in the MMORPG genre to use a sci-fi setting, dynamic quests, free trials and in-game advertising. Despite having a disastrous launch the developers managed to pick the game back up and onto its feet, as it amassed a large fan base behind it. In Anarchy Online you currently have four genders to choose from and 14 professions, of which two are for expansion owners only. The expansion packs add a whole new game, to the game, they are huge in size, mainly content but the Alien Invasion and Shadowlands Expansion add many new playfields. You fight aliens, creatures, robots, other faction members and even your friends in this scr-fi action MMORPG.
FPS System Benchmark
200+ FPS
Graphics Card
How well optimised is Anarchy Online for PC? 5
Where does Anarchy Online rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Online
Can I run Anarchy Online
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Anarchy Online System Requirements

Graphics Card
HDD Space
2 GB

Anarchy Online PC Release Date:

24 Jun 2001

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