Scivelation System Requirements

In the distant future, the world is rocked to its core by the arrival of the Apocalypse. Though many predicted the ultimate confrontation between the Forces of Good and Evil, no one foresaw that the two forces would eliminate each other and leave the world in ruin. From the ashes of this catastrophic event, a new global government, known as the Regime, rose to power to fill the void left by the previous conflict. However, the Regime uses its militaristic power to spread its oppressive ideologies throughout the world and demands unquestioning obedience from all its subjects. Yet, there are some who refuse to follow in step with the Regime's global vision. Known simply as "the Resistance," this band of freedom fighter seeks to liberate the world from the oppressive rule of the government. United in their desire to stop the Regime, around the globe, Resistance cells disrupt the Regime war machine and bring truth to the world otherwise bombarded by propaganda.
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Genres: Shooter
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Scivelation System Requirements

HDD Space

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16:19 Apr-07-2016

The plot is similar to Rage from 2011. The Regime = The Authority