Fox Hunt System Requirements

Fox hunt is a Full Motion Video Game, You can click around the screen in First person, trying to solve puzzles. The first person stuff blends really well with the FMV and the story. You really feel like Jack. I don’t think the game could have gotten as intense if it were played in another perspective. Also, there are moments in the game were you have to shoot and fight to get your way through things. The shooting is pretty easy because you just use the mouse, but on the PlayStation version it’s much harder because you have to use the D-Pad. The fighting is a little tough because you have to Block, Punch, and Kick at certain times (just like in Supreme Warrior) or you get hit and eventually die. The game play is really great as well.
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Genres: Action
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Fox Hunt System Requirements

HDD Space

Fox Hunt PC Release Date:

31 May 1996

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