Dune System Requirements

Dune is a 1992 video game, based upon Frank Herbert's science fiction novel of the same name. Developed by Cryo Interactive and published by Virgin Interactive, is the first of the Dune computer games. Dune blended adventure with economic and military strategy, and is considered by many the most immersive Dune computer game. Loosely following the story of the novel, the game casts the player as Paul Atreides, with the ultimate goal of driving the Harkonnen from Planet Dune, while managing spice extraction, military, and later, ecology through the native Fremen tribes. As the player progresses, his troops are equipped with weapons from "crysknives" to atomics, tap into Paul's latent psychic powers, and get acquainted with such characters from the book as Chani and Liet-Kynes.
How well optimised is Dune for PC? 10
Where does Dune rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Strategy
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Dune System Requirements

HDD Space

Dune PC Release Date:

14 Mar 1992

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14:37 Aug-11-2013

I remember installing this on my brand new pc in 1998 and it told me i had a 'super pc' (intel pentium 2 333mhz processer with a 4gb hard drive, i forget the rest.....) :D