Operation Wolf System Requirements

Operation Wolf is a one-player shooter arcade game made by Taito in 1987. It spawned three sequels: Operation Thunderbolt (1988), Operation Wolf 3 (1994) and Operation Tiger (1998).The object of the game is to rescue the five hostages in the concentration camp. The game is divided into six stages: Communication Setup, Jungle, Village, Powder Magazine, Concentration Camp, and Airport. Completion of each stage advances the story. For example, upon completing the Jungle stage, an enemy leader is interrogated and the location of the enemy's concentration camp is found. This was one of the first shooter games to feature a storyline, and it had some similarities to real special operations missions.
How well optimised is Operation Wolf for PC? 10
Where does Operation Wolf rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Shooter
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Operation Wolf System Requirements

HDD Space

Operation Wolf PC Release Date:

16 Jul 1987

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