Alien Zombie Megadeath System Requirements

A Space man has been killing Alien Zombies for what seems like an eternity. It's natural that all his hard work would pay off at some point. So... we at PomPom feel it's time to reward the little idiot with a brand new game! That's right Space dude, you can now keep on killing Alien Zombie scum. How cool is that? Not that it's only blasting you'll be doing. Oh no. There's bombs to defuse. Space babies to rescue. Jet packs for flying silliness. But still... lots of blasting. LOTS. Spread out over 70 levels combining both one shot adventure levels and to-the-death survival modes. All flavours of violent blasting catered for, and all dressed up in traditional PomPom silliness, as to avoid traumatizing any small children.
How well optimised is Alien Zombie Megadeath for PC? 10
Where does Alien Zombie Megadeath rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Arcade
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Alien Zombie Megadeath System Requirements

HDD Space

Alien Zombie Megadeath PC Release Date:

18 Oct 2011

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