Future Cop: LAPD System Requirements

Crime War is a story mode, following a day in the life of an LAPD X1-Alpha pilot. The story events range from rogue lunatics arming observatories with weapons, to a malfunctioning supercomputer. Players begin in a futuristic Griffith Park, but as they advance through the game they may unlock areas such as Venice Beach, LAX and Long Beach. Crime War also supports a second player in cooperative play. Cooperative play features the unique feature that the life bars of the two players are intertwined; if either player is destroyed, it counts as a failure for both players.
How well optimised is Future Cop: LAPD for PC? 10
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Genres: Shooter
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Future Cop: LAPD System Requirements

HDD Space

Future Cop: LAPD PC Release Date:

31 Aug 1998

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