Taxi 3: Extreme Rush System Requirements

There are no blackcabs or other taxis present in this game any more.. The player can select one of the 10 exotic sportscars (ranging from american musclecars to hot Japanese streetracers to classic italian avant-garde designs) and agressively race against competitors meanwhile surviving the chasing copcars (equiped with loads of heavy weapons) and even a police helicopter. The best feature of "storymodus" (where the entire range of gamemodi is put in) is that it can be played in cooperation modus. This means that if you and your friend both have an internet connection, you can combine your skills and play the entire story-mode together as a team. Beat the cops together, win races together and help each other to make it to the next level. Cooperation modus has been underestimated far too long now, it''s time to re-introduce it!
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Genres: Sim
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Taxi 3: Extreme Rush System Requirements

HDD Space

Taxi 3: Extreme Rush PC Release Date:

20 May 2005

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