Blade of Darkness System Requirements

Severance: Blade of Darkness is a 2001 3D fighting third-person PC action-adventure game created by (the now defunct) Rebel Act Studios and published by Codemasters. The original subtitle in direct translation from Spanish is Blade: The Edge of Darkness. Unfortunately, there was a TV show with the same title in the USA so the US publisher changed the subtitle to Blade of Darkness and the same label was pressed on the European copies as well, even though no sword of this exact name featured in the game.
How well optimised is Blade of Darkness for PC? 7.5
Where does Blade of Darkness rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: RPG
Blade of Darkness has been added to Game-Debate but does not currently have the Blade of Darkness system requirements.
If the game is less than 3 years old and you know what the system requirements are then please send them through to Felix and we will get them updated. Where possible, also send a link to the source of the system requirements to help us validate the information.

Blade of Darkness System Requirements

HDD Space

Blade of Darkness PC Release Date:

21 Feb 2001

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