X2: The Threat System Requirements

X2: The Threat is a Space trading and combat simulator set in the fictional X-Universe, a network of sectors, linked by large space gates. The game features a new graphics engine, a much expanded Universe and 60 different flyable ships, along with a number of new missions available to the player. Unlike the expansion pack, X-Tension, which was almost entirely open-ended, X2: The Threat has a clear background story involving an aggressive alien race known as the Khaak. However, the game remains open-ended and the players are free to pursue the plot at their own pace, if at all. X2: The Threat was generally well received by critics, with many reviewers praising the graphics and the amount of freedom offered to the player. Common complaints were that X2: The Threat, like its predecessors, was quite slow paced and had a steep
How well optimised is X2: The Threat for PC? 10
Where does X2: The Threat rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Adventure
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X2: The Threat System Requirements

HDD Space

X2: The Threat PC Release Date:

3 Dec 2003

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