Dead To Rights 2 System Requirements

A reputable judge uncovers a citywide crime syndicate, and is kidnapped. The judge was a friend of Jack's father, so the cop is obligated to send a few hundred men to their graves in order to make things right. Before long, all hell breaks loose, so Jack and his K-9 cohort Shadow must take on a powerful mob in the fight of their lives to break the city’s spiral of betrayal and corruption. In the end, the judge is murdered and although Jack gets the killer, goons of a high-ranking Russian crime lord named Blanchov get the judge's files. Jack's girlfriend Ruby is murdered by Blanchov and although Jack never retrieves the files (they were likely Hennesey's files from the first game), he goes after Blanchov for revenge.
How well optimised is Dead To Rights 2 for PC? 10
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Genres: Action
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Dead To Rights 2 System Requirements

HDD Space

Dead To Rights 2 PC Release Date:

12 Apr 2005

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17:07 Oct-09-2012

Good game but not like the part 1