Daikatana System Requirements

Daikatana takes place during the year 2455 AD, in a world suffering from a major pandemic caused by a man named Kage Mishima. It is revealed that the current dystopian world, which Mishima rules over with an iron fist, is not what the world is destined to be, and is an alternate timeline created through the use of a magical sword called the Daikatana, which allows its wielder to travel through time. The protagonist takes the form of a martial arts instructor named Hiro Miyamoto. Hiro, along with partners Superfly Johnson and Mikiko Ebihara, attempts to recover the Daikatana and return the Earth to the way its meant to be, travelling to ancient Greece, medieval Norway, near future Los Angeles and futuristic Tokyo in the process.
How well optimised is Daikatana for PC? 5
Where does Daikatana rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Shooter
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Daikatana System Requirements

HDD Space

Daikatana PC Release Date:

23 May 2003

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