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Imperator: Rome is a Roman-themed grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio. Imperator: Rome tells the tale of the growth of Roman power, and the threat their conquest inflicted on the surrounding Mediterranean nations. It stretches from the glorious rule of Athens through to the establishment of the Roman Empire 400 years later, letting players discover what would’ve happened if the Romans hadn’t dominated much of Europe. Naturally, players won’t just be restricted to the Romans, and any nation can be ruled stretching from what we now know as Spain all the way across to the far reaches of India.
Imperator: Rome System Requirements
Official Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows® 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1
  • Processor: Intel® iCore™ i3-2105 or AMD® FX-8120
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia® GeForce™ GTX 570 or equivalent AMD Graphics Card
Official Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows® 10 Home 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel® iCore™ i5- 4690K or AMD® Ryzen™ 3 2200G
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia® GeForce™ GTX 960
PC System Analysis For Imperator: Rome Requirements
You need a Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz or Ryzen 3 2200G processor coupled with a GeForce GTX 960 2GB to run Imperator: Rome system requirements at recommended. You can expect to get around 60FPS at 1080p screen res on high graphics settings with this hardware. System memory required for Imperator: Rome is 8 GB performance memory. System memory for min is 4 GB. Your GPU is expected to be able to deliver DirectX 11. Recommended needs around a 4 year old PC to run.
FPS System Benchmark
103 FPS
Graphics Card
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Imperator: Rome System Requirements
Intel CPU
Nvidia Graphics Card
AMD Graphics Card
Direct X
HDD Space
GD Verdict
Minimum Requirements
1.25 GB
GD VRAM hardware score: 3
4 GB
GD RAM hardware score: 4
Win 7 64
DX 11
5 GB
GD Adjusted Requirements
2 GB
GD VRAM hardware score: 5
6 GB
GD RAM hardware score: 6
Win 7 64
DX 11
5 GB
Recommended Requirements
2 GB
GD VRAM hardware score: 5
8 GB
GD RAM hardware score: 8
Win 10 64
DX 11
5 GB
Average Frames Per Second
Low Setting
Premium Only FPS
Medium Setting
Premium Only FPS
High Setting
Premium Only FPS
Ultra Setting
Premium Only FPS
Cost Per Frame
Can I run Imperator: Rome
Modern Only
Hardware Quality
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Imperator: Rome PC Release Date: 25 Apr 2019

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