Things on Wheels System Requirements

TOW is a fast paced RC racing game. The player will play with RC cars on multiple path tracks inside & out of a huge Art deco florida mansion. This game will please hardcore gamers, motor sport fans, adrenalin addicts and also casual and non gamers who are just looking for a quick gaming experience and enterainment. How? By keeping it simple, fun, frustration free, rewarding (bonuses, sounds, visual effects, etc.), multiplayer and cooperative (team play)! - (Oh and yes, sooo very eye pleasing).
How well optimised is Things on Wheels for PC? 10
Where does Things on Wheels rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Sim , Racing
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Things on Wheels System Requirements

HDD Space

Things on Wheels PC Release Date:

12 May 2010

Alternative Game Tags: load inc., southpeak interactive, things on wheels, tow, driving, racing, 2009, pc remote control, cars

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