Rohan: Blood Feud System Requirements

In the beginning God created the world in seven days. Edoneh was born from the solitude of fortitude. As stated earlier god created the earth in seven days, but the great god gave it to Ian as a gift, Ian in turn gave birth to the five minor gods: Roha, Gale, Marea, Flox, and Silva.Ian set his creations, known by scholars as "The Lesser/Lower Gods" down on the earth and each of these gods in turn created a race for this new world. Roha created the Humans, Gale created the Giants, Marea the Elves, Flox created Dark Elves, and Silva the Halflings. The Lesser Gods placed their creations on separate regions of Rohan, but Ohn felt this task was too important to be left in the hands of the Lesser Gods, so Ohn created Dragons to divide and patrol the regions.
How well optimised is Rohan: Blood Feud for PC? 10
Where does Rohan: Blood Feud rank in the list of the most demanding games?
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Rohan: Blood Feud System Requirements

HDD Space

Rohan: Blood Feud PC Release Date:

28 May 2008

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