Blood 2: The Chosen System Requirements

Blood II: The Chosen is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Monolith Productions and distributed by GT Interactive, which was later purchased by Infogrames. Released on October 31, 1998, it featured Monolith's new fully 3D engine Lithtech, which was previously used in Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. An official expansion pack was released on August, 1999 under the title of Blood II: The Chosen - The Nightmare Levels.Unlike the first installment, Blood, which was set in 1928, Blood II takes place in the year 2028, so in addition to conventional weapons and magical items also incorporates science-fictional technology. Much like its predecessor, the game contains excessive graphic violence and a crude style of humour. Work on porting it, and LithTech in general, to Linux, and then later potentially to other systems like Solaris, was being done by employee Jeremy Blackman but was never completed.
How well optimised is Blood 2: The Chosen for PC? 10
Where does Blood 2: The Chosen rank in the list of the most demanding games?
Genres: Shooter
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Blood 2: The Chosen System Requirements

HDD Space

Blood 2: The Chosen PC Release Date:

31 Oct 1998

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