Celtic Kings: Rage of War System Requirements

Celtic Kings takes place in ancient Roman times, during the years that Julius Caesar was the military leader of the Roman Empire. There are three main modes: Adventure, single player (a classic RTS Skirmish mode), and multiplayer. Adventure mode includes a tutorial and the main story. In both campaigns, you control a hero named Larax. In the main story, he loses his wife in a Teutonic raid. In grief, he swears vengeance, and gives his body and soul to the Goddess of War, to enable him to achieve his revenge.This game uses both role-playing and real-time strategy elements. Units are controlled in a standard RTS fashion. Most units have the ability to gain levels. This is done either through fighting, training(to a certain limit, usually level 12), or, in the case of the priest/druid, learning from units with more experience (levels) . In adventure mode, the player will constantly move between maps, which are all greatly varying in landscape and objectives...
How well optimised is Celtic Kings: Rage of War for PC? 10
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Genres: Strategy
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Celtic Kings: Rage of War System Requirements

HDD Space

Celtic Kings: Rage of War PC Release Date:

21 Aug 2002

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