Meridian 59 System Requirements

Meridian 59, the first commercial, 3D massively multiplayer game, was developed by Archetype Interactive and published in September 1996 by 3DO. Although Meridian arguably holds the title as the first realtime three dimensional online role-playing game, it lacks some features of its modern successors. For instance, the ability to jump was not implemented as a function of character input.Meridian 59 is a typical sword and sorcery setting where adventurers go out and fight monsters.[2] In the game, there are few NPCs, with most of them static and unchanging. Most of the focus is on the activities of the players as they fight against the monsters in the land.
How well optimised is Meridian 59 for PC? 10
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Genres: Online
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Meridian 59 System Requirements

HDD Space

Meridian 59 PC Release Date:

26 Sep 1996

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