Bonkheads System Requirements

Welcome to the world of Grag & Thog Bonkheads. It seems that, unknown to most of us humans, the earth is actually divided up into twelve separate Underworlds. Just below our feet is Surfaceville, followed by Ancientville, Waterville and Mudville. These four Underworlds are controlled by Shrew Man-Chew, the diabolical giant shrew. Subterraneanville, Iceville, Prehistoricville and Oilville are the next four underworlds and are under the rule of T. Wrecks. The last four underworlds are Stoneville, Moltenville, Hellville and Trollsville, and are the domain of D. Evil. And yes, Hellville was at one time at the very bottom of the underworlds but heat rises you know and after a millennium of Trollsville's inhabitants complaining, D.Evil finally relented and changed positions.
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Genres: Action
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Bonkheads System Requirements

HDD Space

Bonkheads PC Release Date:

1 Jan 1998

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