Fade to Black System Requirements

Fade to Black is an action-adventure game released in 1995 by Delphine Software International. Directed and designed by Paul Cuisset, it is the sequel to his previous game, Flashback (the acronym of the game is F2B, indirectly addressing it to be Flashback 2).The game was released for DOS and PlayStation; planned Nintendo 64 (Ultra 64 at the time) and Sega Saturn versions were cancelled.The game is displayed in full gouraud shaded 3D for DOS and fully textured 3D for the PlayStation. It features an over-the-shoulder viewpoint, with almost no platform sequences. The style of the game is action adventure in a similar style to the later Tomb Raider series, there was a controversy at the time, between the two games which resulted in punishment of game developers for plagiarism and copyright infringement.
How well optimised is Fade to Black for PC? 5
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Genres: Shooter
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Fade to Black System Requirements

HDD Space

Fade to Black PC Release Date:

22 Sep 1995

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