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Console System Analysis for Calling All Cars!
Calling All Cars! is a downloadable game on the PlayStation Store created by David Jaffe, creative director of God of War. It was released on May 10, 2007. It is also included for free with a 1 year subscription to Qore.Calling All Cars! is similar to Twisted Metal, although one critic suggested that an early demo version of the game seemed to have "more in common with NBA Jam than it does Twisted Metal." It employs a top-down 3rd person perspective and cel-shaded graphics. There are bonus vehicles that can be unlocked through the completion of certain tasks, e.g. winning a tournament at Captain difficulty.The object of the game is to capture escaped convicts while battling against three other bounty hunters who are also trying to capture the criminals. Points are awarded for captured criminals, and the bounty hunter with the most points wins. The game features online multiplayer and split-screen play.

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