Everyday Shooter System Requirements

Everyday Shooter is an independent video game developed by Canadian programmer and artist Jonathan Mak. It was released on the U.S. PlayStation Store on October 11, 2007; the European PlayStation Store on February 14, 2008; and for Windows PC via Steam on May 8, 2008.Everyday Shooter is notable because it was created completely by a single person. The game was developed in the span of a few months by Jonathan Mak using Visual C++.In addition to programming and graphic design, Mak recorded and implemented an all-guitar soundtrack in the game. Mak collaborated with Shaw-Han Liem of I Am Robot and Proud on the soundtrack for Everyday Shooter.Sony Computer Entertainment took notice of the game at the 2007 Independent Gaming Festival and published it for the PlayStation 3 on October 11 as a downloadable game on the PlayStation Network.
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Genres: Shooter
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Everyday Shooter System Requirements

HDD Space

Everyday Shooter PC Release Date:

11 Oct 2007

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PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3

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