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Console System Analysis for The Trials of Topoq
The Trials of Topoq is a puzzle video game developed by SCE London Studio for the PlayStation 3 that utilizes the PlayStation Eye camera peripheral.The game requires the PlayStation Eye to boot as the camera is not only used to maneuver the ball, but also to navigate through the game's menus where the player moves his own hands instead of using a gamepad. The PlayStation Eye's focale must be set to match the standard field of view (Red).The main purpose of these trials is to guide an orb through five towers, known as City I (very easy), City II (easy), City III (intermediate), City IV (hard) and City V (very hard). With the help of his body and hands the player creates slopes in order to make roll the orb to hit the mystical cages of energy and avoid gargoyles.The player's image is captured by the camera and mapped on the tower's mosaic-like surface that make up each course.

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