Devil May Cry System Requirements

Devil May Cry begins with Dante being attacked in his office by a mysterious woman named Trish. He impresses her by easily brushing off her assault, and tells her that he hunts demons in pursuit of those who killed his mother and brother.She says the attack was a test, and that the demon emperor Mundus, whom Dante holds responsible for the deaths of his family, is planning a return.The scene jumps to their arrival at an immense castle, whereupon Trish abruptly leaps and vanishes over a high wall.
Devil May Cry is NOT currently available on PC.
The platform(s) it will be available on are: PS3, 360
We will update this area with Devil May Cry system requirements as soon as we hear an announcement that it is coming to PC.

Devil May Cry System Requirements

HDD Space

Devil May Cry PC Release Date:

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Xbox Xbox 360
PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3

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