I-ninja System Requirements

The main character in I-Ninja has a variety of acrobatic abilities that are used throughout the game to defeat the Ranx army led by Master O-Dor.In addition to basic skills such as running and jumping, Ninja can also double jump, spin his sword around while midair for a limited time and use it to fall slower than normal, and use the shape of the environment to his advantage. Throughout the game there are several uniquely designed walls that Ninja can run on, and points where Ninja can use his grappling hook to swing across a gap.As the player progresses through the game he will gain access to more of these abilities; using them he can increase his strength, heal his life bar, ride a giant shuriken to quickly slay foes, or even become invincible, which allows him to greatly harm enemies in his vicinity without even touching them. (When Ninja becomes invincible, he says "I-Ninja!", which provides the game with its namesake.)
How well optimised is I-ninja for PC? 10
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Genres: Action
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I-ninja System Requirements

HDD Space

I-ninja PC Release Date:

23 Apr 2004

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